Urban Health Case Challenge 2021

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You want to work on a real-world urban challenge in a multidisciplinary team and get in touch with over 70 students from all across Europe? Sign up for the 4EU+ Urban Health Case Challenge and represent your city and your university in the second edition of this format.

The Urban Health Case Challenge is an initiative under the 4EU+ European University Alliance. The aim is to develop the best solution to a real-world issue within a limited time-span. Each team presents their solution in front of an expert jury at a pitching session on the last day of the case challenge. In order to find a solution, there will be a number of online lectures that deal with the general topic and give insights from different perspectives. The focus this year is on how the quality  of urban space and social interactions within it can help in the prevention and mitigation of mental health issues on an emotional, psychological and social level and thus to ensure the well-being of the inhabitants and the strengthening of social cohesion. 

Starting on October 29, we will have four online lectures that provide background knowledge, ranging from psychological perspectives to behavioral economic approaches and urban planning  spects. The participants will also receive training in innovative methods and the pitching of results and solutions. The group work of the challenge itself will take place from December 9 to December 12. On December 9, the specific case question will be revealed, and the teams will join to work on their innovative solutions to the aforementioned challenges. Background materials on the specific question, the neighborhoods and their residents will be the starting point of students’ research projects. However, the case question will be wide enough to meet the realities of several cities in Europe. The joint sessions will take place online, the local teams are encouraged to meet and work face to face wherever possible. On December 12, the last day of the competition, the teams will pitch their solutions to an international jury of experts. All teams will receive feedback on their ideas. The winning team may be given the opportunity to put the proposed idea into practice.

Applications must be sent tot he local organizers no by October 17, 2021, using the application form. Applications will be screened to select the 10 unimi participants.


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